A Node.js conference
by the enterprise, for the enterprise
September 10, 2015

About nodeday 2015

nodeday is a Node.js conference by the enterprise, for the enterprise. Now in its second year, this one-day industry conference brings together people from companies that have adopted or are planning to adopt Node.js, and focuses on the issues that these companies face. It gives participants a forum to discuss and share their experiences with Node.js, share advice, tips and tricks, and drive forward both the technology and the community.
Come join us at Ecospace in Bangalore, India on September 10, 2015 The themes for the very first nodeday in India is "Unleashing the power of Node", "Adopting Node (born out of open source) in the enterprise – shifting mindsets", and "Leveraging Node for security"

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KeyNote Panel

“How are enterprise organizations winning with NodeJs?”,“What problems are we, as enterprise organizations, trying to solve with Node”, “What have we learned from the challenges we’ve experience in adopting Node in the enterprise?” – the answers to these questions are just some of the topics that this panel will discuss as they share their journey with this technology, born out of open source. The panel is made up of three technology thought leaders: Alex Balazs, Chief Architect at Intuit’s Consumer Group; Sameera Rao, Director of Engineering, Merchant Engagement at PayPal and Dan Shaw, Co-Founder and President of NodeSource, the enterprise Node.js company. This panel is moderated by Aliza Carpio, Technology Evangelist at Intuit

Dan Shaw

@dshaw Dan Shaw is Co-Founder and President of NodeSource, the enterprise Node.js company, and is dedicated to helping improve and expand the Node Community. Dan is an an active member of the Node.js Advisory Board and represents NodeSource in the Node.js Foundation. He is a veteran of numerous Node.js startups including Voxer, Spreecast and Storify. Dan has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Dan is a frequent speaker, host of the NodeUp podcast and organizer of events like NodeBots Day, SFNode, NodeBotsSF and EnterpriseJS.

Dan Shaw


Sameera Rao

@SameeraGRao Sameera Rao is Director of Engineering, Merchant Engagement at PayPal. Sameera was one of the engineers who worked on OpenRico, one of the first javascript frameworks. He then went on to build web 2.0 versions of Yahoo! frontpage and My Yahoo! After Yahoo, Sameera joined Attributor as the first applications engineer, where he laid the technology foundation, built the team and Attributor suite of products. He joined PayPal in 2012 around the time Attributor got acquired.

Sameera Rao


Alex Balazs

@AlexGBalazs Alex Balazs is Chief Architect for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. He leads architecture of TurboTax product portfolio. These offerings serve approximately 30 million consumers in the US and Canada each year. He is a leading expert on Intuit’s Node.js initiatives and part of a consortium of leading tech companies that are adopting the technology. Alex previously served as chief architect for Intuit's 100+ million Identity Ecosystem. He is passionate about solving big unmet customer needs through technology and building the next generation of technologists and leaders.

Alex Balazs

Chief Architect,Intuit

Aliza Carpio

@Socialac Aliza Carpio is a Technology Evangelist at Intuit's Consumer group. She is also an Innovation Catalyst, a member of Intuit's Patent Committee for Consumer Group and a member of university recruiting for Intuit's co-op program. In addition,she continues to do probono social media consultation with small businesses and organizations. Previously, she was a Social Media Manager at Intuit, with a focus on TurboTax. She was also an Engineering Manager and was responsible for leading one of the desktop engineering teams who develop customer experience in TurboTax.

Aliza Carpio

Technology Evangelist,Intuit



PayPal State of the Node-Union: How an opensource mentality keeps PayPal running

Abstract In this talk, Jean-Charles will talk about where PayPal is on their journey of adopting Node.js. With a couple of years of exploration and experimentation behind them, PayPal has exited the honeymoon phase and has had to address the real problems that come with expanding a technology to hundreds of engineers around the world. Hear what has worked, what hasn't, and how embracing open source has kept it all together.

About Jean-Charles Jean-Charles Engineering Architect at PayPal through acquisition (formerly of Where, LLC). He works on open-source for PayPal. He is the lead maintainer of kraken-js—PayPal's open-source web application framework for Node.js. Since the end of 2013, all greenfield web application development at PayPal is built on kraken-js.



Apurva Nagarathna

Engineer’s point of view: Is your organization Node.js ready?

Abstract With Node.js reaching enterprise maturity, adoption means engineers must be prepared to re-platform existing code and infrastructure. In an enterprise setting, the question shifts from "Is Node enterprise ready" to "Are you, as an organization or team, Node.js ready?" This talk will share one engineer's experiences with this process, from successes to obstacles in the enterprise. Apurva will share her lessons learned as an engineer in a team that worked through the challenges as she focuses on 3 main characteristics — Non-blocking I/O model, Server side javascript & module systems.

About Apurva Apurva Thippeswamy Nagarathna is Software Engineer in the Consumer Tax Group at Intuit. She has more than 4 years experience developing backend services for web applications. Prior to her role at Intuit, she was a software engineer intern at IBM. She was also a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services and a Software Engineer at CSC in Chennai, India. She specializes in Java, JSP/Servlets, Spring (MVC, ORM and Webflow), Hibernate, REST, Maven, MySQL. She holds a Master's Degree in Computer Software Engineering from San Jose State University and completed her undergraduate degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Apurva Thippeswamy Nagarathna


Jai Santhosh

The Modern Front-end Engineer's toolbox

Abstract There has been an explosion of development and build tools/ libraries for a front-end developer over the past few years. This talk will dive into three areas: 1. Why "Tooling" is the future of the web? 2. The various choices made by the Flipkart Mobile team in the development-deployment lifecycle of JavaScript-based applications. 3. The lessons learnt from these choices and best practices around them.

About Jai Jai is a front-end engineer who loves engineering User Interfaces and very passionate about building applications with JavaScript for both Desktop and Mobile and an ardent Web lover. Jai is currently working as a Lead UI Engineer in the Mobile Engineering team in and is part of the core team exploring new avenues with JavaScript & React JS to develop experiences for mobile apps.

Jai Santhosh


Yash Dayal

Myntra’s Journey in Node.js

Abstract Yash Dayal will share his perspective on how being app only has further strengthened Node.js as a core technology in Myntra. His will highlight best practices on how to leverage Node in your mobile apps and importance of web views, as well as provide an overview of the architecture design and lessons learned from a project which uses Node, React, Flux and WebPack. Yash will also be sharing his experiences migrating from a legacy tech to Node.js.

About Yash Yash Dayal has over a decade experience in working with internet technologies. Currently, Yash is an Engineering managers in Myntra. Prior to Myntra, He worked in Yahoo Labs, Hyves (Amsterdam) and InfoEdge India Ltd ( Yash holds a masters degree from University of Texas at El Paso and an EGMP from IIM Bangalore. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, read books and tinker with Arduino projects.

Yash Dayal


Abhishek Narain

Scripting Universal Windows Apps with Node.js

Abstract With the release of Windows10, we are allowing developers to build applications for Windows using the platform and technologies of their choice. To that effect, we are enabling Node.js to run on all devices running Windows 10 by using the Chakra JavaScript engine, bringing the power of scripting to all Universal apps. In this talk we will discuss how developers could embed the Chakra JavaScript engine in their Universal Windows applications by using the JavaScript Runtime (JSRT) APIs. We will also provide an in-depth look at how we are utilizing these APIs to help Chakra power Node.js on Windows IoT Core, running on low power devices like Raspberry Pi2 and bringing the power of UWP to Node.js

About Abhishek As a Technical Evangelist, Abhishek helps developers adapt to cloud technologies. He works on Cloud Architecture and Internet-of-Things, Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development, ASP.NET MVC and Web Game Development. Previously, he was a consultant at Microsoft working on ASP.NET, Azure, Windows Phone, Client web technologies. He is a regular speaker at TechEd, .NET User Groups, Open Source User Groups. Prior to Microsoft, Abhishek was working at Infragistics – a leading UI/UX company. He has worked extensively on HTML5 and was awarded the Microsoft MVP award while working outside Microsoft.

Abhishek Narain


Vignessh Chelakara Vaidyanathan

NodeJS - Our Experience

AbstractThe talk aims to share experiences while building a NodeJS backend for a mobile and web application. Some of the early learnings while getting familiar with Node was that it had an incredibly fast bootstrap, a setup that made it easy to prototype and get feedback, simple deployments and a simple continuous integration process. However the challenges faced were two fold, one in the learning curve for various constructs like promises, testing promises, the non blocking paradigm and the second around computation heavy actions having a blocking effect, thus limiting the application severely to I/O operations and also the lack of maturity in the language to support configurations around upper bound limits for memory on a node process.

About Vignessh Vignessh is a tech principal at ThoughtWorks. He has spent the last 10 years at ThoughtWorks building large scale enterprise systems using service oriented architecture. He has dabbled in a variety of technologies including Node.js. His interest areas are around distributed systems and functional programming. Apart from computing, he spends time working on motorcycles and doing track days.

Vignessh Vaidyanathan




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