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December 5th, 2014
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About NodeDay 2014

We are about Node in Enterprise

It's one thing to use NodeJS to build an application, but an entirely different beast to build an enterprise ecosystem around NodeJS that can meet all the needs of some the worlds most used applications. NodeDay is about coming together to discuss and share our experiences and solutions with NodeJS and drive forward both the technology and community. So come join us, December 5th 2014 at the Mountain View Intuit campus as we share our experiences and learnings around using NodeJS in the enterprise setting.

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Coffee and snacks will be provided outside the main room.



Welcome introduction by Intuit's own senior VP Nat Natarajan and chief architect Michele Iacovone.


Node Down the Road

Abstract Last year we shared how we overcame challenges to enable the successful entry of node.js at Paypal. We have gone further along in our journey, transforming what we kick started, into a self sustaining stable ecosystem. It is also important to mention, how Paypal becoming a player in the Open source node.js community, has helped renovate the internal engineering culture. I will talk about the technological improvements/experiments with node.js and community building efforts happening @ Paypal.

About Poornima Poornima is a web developer who is passionate about all things node.js and open source. She is currently part of the team that open sourced krakenjs ( and is an active contributor/ maintainer.

Poornima Venkatakrishnan



Node.js for Java Engineers

Abstract Moving from Java to Node.js presents some unique challenges. There are some meaningful differences in the ecosystems as well as a lot of positive things enterprise Java skills can offer the Node.js community.

About Ryan Ryan began his career over 11 years ago building enterprise core systems to run banks and credit unions. It was there Ryan helped implement a rules engine using the Rhino JavaScript runtime and saw the power of running JavaScript on the server. When Ryan started building complex Node.js applications in 2011, he knew JavaScript had found a home outside of the browser. As a seasoned Engineering Manager, Ryan is passionate about optimizing a team's workflow around the strengths of Node.js. He wants to inspire others to build great Node.js applications by promoting modular design, continuous release best practices, and the benefits of utilizing a private npm instance.

Ryan Stevens



Coffee Break


Integrating Node.js into your Ecosystem

Abstract Adopting Node.js at your company, but don’t want to rebuild everything? Learn some pragmatic techniques for making Node.js play well in your existing infrastructure.

About Alex Alex is a front end engineer that is passionate about building great user experiences on the open web stack. While he has spent his entire career building JavaScript applications on the desktop, browser, and server, he is still continually surprised by all the new and creative ways in which the community leverages JavaScript. Alex is presently a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, and is part of the core team leading the migration of to Node.js.

Alex Liu






Building a Node platform to enable your dev teams to MOVE FAST

Abstract It’s hard to turn a large ship, but big companies can move nimbly by dividing and conquering problems. Intuit has built a node service platform; the core idea is that the Platform team figures out the solutions to the infrastructure problems (hosting, monitoring, managing, upstart, clustering, updating, etc) in designs to support many services. Many dev teams across the company can focus on solving their customer problem and their service’s business logic.

Here’s how we set out to do it, what worked well, what we learned, and what we still really need to do. (Spoiler: we expect 25 million customers to use this stack.)

About Vinay Vinay Kumar grew his way up from straight out of college, primarily as a back-end engineer, working on teams that massively improved the availability, operability, scalability and performance of TurboTax Online. Now a Distinguished Architect of Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group, Vinay is passionate about enabling developers to build experiences and services productively and enjoyably.

Vinay Kumar



State of Node

Abstract Node v0.12 has been a long time coming, and there are plenty of features to show for it along with V8 improvements and API additions. We'll explore some of these new features along with how to prepare for the transition.

About Trevor Trevor Norris began as a front-end developer who enjoyed Node.js as a hobby. While working at Mozilla he was able to contribute to Node more seriously. One thing led to another and now he's working full-time as a Node core maintainer at NodeSource where he has the freedom to make sure the project continuously improves as a whole. Along with working on his constant obsession of improving performance.

Trevor Norris





Node as a Movement: Building Community into Products

Abstract A successful product needs a community, but it takes a lot of work to build a community around a product. By leveraging Node, Technical Machine built a product with a vibrant community built in – and you can too.

About Kelsey Kelsey is the Director of Community at Technical Machine, making Tessel. She has a degree in neural engineering from Olin College, a background as a maker at Instructables, and an interest in bringing open source principles to the world at large.

Kelsey Breseman



Meteor: A Full Stack App Platform for Web, Mobile and Node

Abstract Every company -- large or small -- building modern mobile and rich browser apps with JavaScript has had to piece together its own custom stack from parts. This is completely nuts! It slows time to market, requires expert developers, and puts a ceiling on Node's adoption in all but the most engineering-capable enterprises. Learn how Meteor makes it faster, cheaper, and dramatically more practical to write complex Node-backed apps for mobile and browsers.

About Matt Matt DeBergalis cofounded the Meteor project. Before Meteor, Matt founded ActBlue, the largest political fundraising platform in the world. He was previously a NetBSD kernel developer and next68k portmaster, and co-designed the Direct Access File System while at Network Appliance. Matt holds master's and bachelor's degrees from MIT.

Matt DeBergalis



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Intuit Mountain View Campus

Intuit, Inc.
Building #6
2675 Coast Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

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