A Node.js conference
by the enterprise, for the enterprise
April 28, 2015

About nodeday 2015

nodeday is a Node.js conference by the enterprise, for the enterprise. Now in its second year, this one-day industry conference brings together people from companies that have adopted or are planning to adopt Node.js, and focuses on the issues that these companies face. It gives participants a forum to discuss and share their experiences with Node.js, share advice, tips and tricks, and drive forward both the technology and the community.
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Topics and Agenda

More speakers to be announced





About Edward Ed is the VP of Engineering at Condé Nast where along with Paul Fryzel led the adoption of Node.js across the organization starting with the creation of a content API and platform built entirely with Node. Prior to Condé Nast he spent a number of years working at startups as well as large companies creating products and platforms. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

Edward Cudahy

Conde Nast



About Scott Scott has been a web developer, lead, and architect for over ten years. Most of that time was spent creating APIs, libraries, and frameworks. His current role at Dow Jones is focused on building automated deployment pipelines and e2e testing strategies. He has been writing production apps in Node.js since 0.4.5 and toying with it even longer. The rest of his time is spent with his two little girls and amazing wife, or skiing, or both.

Scott Rahner

Dow Jones



Node.js and the Future of Media

About Isaac A true JavaScript hipster, Isaac was into Node.js before it was cool. He wrote npm in 2009, and later went on to lead the Node project for two years after Ryan Dahl stepped down. In 2014, he started npm, Inc., the company that hosts the packages you depend on.

Isaac Schlueter



Ecosystem & Growth

About LinLin Clark is the Dev Star at npm, Inc. Prior to npm, she worked as a technical lead on a team of developers and also as a core module maintainer on a large open source CMS. She also contributed to many open source projects and was involved in W3C standardization efforts.

Lin Clark

Dev Star




Node and io.js

About Mikeal JS Community Organizer. Evangelist at Modulus.

Mikeal Rogers



Panel discussion

Node & IoT

About Matteo Matteo is a software engineer and internet of things (IoT) expert with a passion for coding, distributed architectures and agile methodologies. He has worked with a wide range of technologies (Java, Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, Objective-C) in a variety of fields. Matteo is the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca, the LevelGraph database, and is co-author of the book Javascript: Best Practices (FAG, Milan). In 2014, Matteo completed his Ph.D. with a thesis entitled 'Application Platforms for the Internet of Things: Theory, Architecture, Protocols, Data Formats and Privacy'. Matteo is also an experienced conference speaker on the above topics. In his spare time, he builds and contributes to open source software (see his github profile and sails the Sirocco.

Matteo Collina



Richard Rodger

About Richard Richard Rodger is co-founder and chief technical officer (CTO) of nearForm, a Node.js consultancy that builds large-scale enterprise systems. He is an internationally recognized thought leader and speaker on Node.js and microservices. He is also author of Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley, 2012), and former CTO of FeedHenry, a mobile applications platform that was recently acquired by RedHat. Richard is creator of a number of open source tools, including and Richard is a regular contributor to the Sunday Business Post newspaper in Ireland, and holds degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and Computer Science.

Richard Rodger



Panel discussion

Enterprise Adoption: Lessons Learned

About Colin For the past two years, Colin has lead the littleBits engineering team. Most recently, as littleBits' cloud platform lead, he spearheaded littleBits' newly announced cloudBit, which allows anyone to turn any object into an internet-connected smart device – no soldering, wiring or programming required. Prior to his work at littleBits, Colin was the founder of Montreal-based Stresslimit Design for over a decade. From his years of experience in the technology industry, Colin can speak to the importance of interconnectivity, the relationship between hardware and software, the growing trend of IoT and his personal experiences with building software and prototyping tools for IoT.

Colin Vernon



Closing remarks

About Travell Travell is a CTO at Fidelity Investments and a leading evangelist for the widespread adoption of Node.js within the organization. He delivered Fidsafe, a virtual safe deposit box to market for the organization and is now applying Node and other JavaScript technologies to more core offerings. Travell has over ten years of experience building systems for financial services. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from MIT and an M.S. in Business from BU.

Travell Perkins



After Party


Matthew Podwysocki

About Matt Matthew Podwysocki is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft working with the DX/TED group. He is currently working on the reactive extensions for all languages including JavaScript, .NET, Ruby and Python, as well as working on building the internet of things in Node.js. He is a speaker, podcaster, conference organizer, and in his spare time helps with STEM efforts, teaching the next generation of software and hardware developers.

Matt Podwysocki



Jean-Charles Sisk

About Jean-Charles Engineering Architect at PayPal through acquisition (formerly of Where, LLC).
I work on open-source for PayPal.
I am the lead maintainer of kraken-js—PayPal's open-source web application framework for Node.js. Since the end of 2013, all greenfield web application development at PayPal is built on kraken-js.

Jean-Charles Sisk



Chris Williams

About Chris Chris Williams (@voodootikigod) is co-founder and CTO of Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA). He is the creator of JSConf and RobotsConf. He is the godfather of the Nodebots and NodeCopter movements and is an avid explorer of the improbable. He is the moderator of the Node.js Advisory Board and keeper of the peace within (Node|io).js land. He also likes craft beer.

Chris Williams



Robert Schultz

About Robert Robert is a Director of Engineering at, the top genealogy company in the world. His current focus is the adoption of emerging technologies and architecture such as Node.js and Docker. He is passionate about solving big problems to create a better world with a focus on agility, emotion and passion.

Robert Schultz



Josh Holbrook

About Josh Josh first started using Node.js in 2010 under the training of substack. After working for various startups across the country, he now builds Node.js content APIs to power such Condé Nast brands as Vanity Fair and CN Traveler. His best-known modules are ecstatic and hoarders.

Josh Holbrook

Condé Nast


Ryan Juang

About Ryan Ryan helps Condè Nast build internal tools and APIs for brands like GQ, Vanity Fair, and Epicurious. Prior to Condè Nast, he worked at Razorfish for several years building systems for Mercedes-Benz and Carnival Cruise Lines. He studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

Ryan Juang

Condè Nast


Clifton Cunningham

About Clifton Clifton is the CTO at TES Global, a 100 year old educational publisher that is busy transforming itself into the largest online social network for teachers, providing tools and services that empower teachers to be better teachers across the globe.
He was previously the CTO at the MailOnline, one of the worlds largest online news sites, and helped to transform the entire technology platform, and culture, from a legacy monolithic Java stack surrounded by fear into a fast moving micro service based platform built on top of Node.js and Clojure and built on the foundations of programmer anarchy and freedom from fear.
Clifton still writes code, starting his journey with Node.js by writing an open source CMS called Calipso a few years ago, as well as contributing to projects internally at TES whenever he gets the opportunity.

Clifton Cunningham

TES Global


Emily Rose

About Emily Emily Rose is a transhumanist with a passion for queer cyborg artistry. They are currently experimenting with ambient intelligence, adaptive automation, and evolving interfaces. Emily is a world-class speaker who has brought humor and enlightenment to audiences across the globe. Original NodeBots curator, founder of DanceJS, and one of the most interesting individuals in the known universe; Emily is an unnatural force of pure, unbridled creativity. Currently at

Emily Rose

Code of conduct

Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizers.


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